Our practice focuses on privately held organizations with up to 2000 employees. We serve a wide variety of industries with a core group of clients in:

  • Technology
  • Medical and Dental
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial institutions

As independent advisors, we have complete flexibility, making it possible to offer custom solutions to a diverse clientele. We tailor our services and fund selection to the client’s unique needs.

SATTLER Pension & Wealth Clients

Business Owners: Entrepreneurs recognize a good business opportunity when they see one. As a small business, we can relate to our clients’ challenges. That’s why we chose to focus our practice on the owners of privately held, Arizona-based businesses with up to 2000 employees. We gain trust with innovators by providing astute advice, respecting time limitations and making interactions easy and enjoyable.

Financial Controllers/HR Directors: Serving as ERISA 3(38) or 3(21) fiduciaries, we have skin in the game, so we don’t take anything for granted when it comes to assisting with plan design and management. Our simple, effective rationale: closely monitor the investment environment, making it as flexible as we can for participants while seeking to limit the liability for the plan sponsor. In combination with proactive communication, it’s a strategy that yields results.

Plan Participants: Retirement plans are typically an individual’s second largest asset, which raises the ante on prudent counsel. There’s a lot of advice available—if you can cut through the jargon. As independent advisors, fiduciaries have plan participants’ best interests in mind. We guide participants through an often bewildering landscape, providing education and financial guidance to help them understand their options, manage their accounts, plan for college and insurance needs, transition from one workplace to another and navigate retirement needs—all confidentially.