The Sattler Advantage: Independence

We do not have any proprietary products or quotas that influence our recommendations. Our fees can be independent from your assets so you are only charged for the services we provide.

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401K and Pension Management Support
Provide plan sponsors a research- and experience-based process designed to help maintain plan compliance and efficiency.

Plan Expense and Benchmark Analysis
During this process, plan sponsors receive a comparison of their plan expenses to other plans with similar characteristics. These benchmarks underscore the plan fiduciaries’ efforts to maintain cost-effective performance and service for participants.

408(b)(2) Compliance
This new law creates regulations for the financial services industry as follows.

Transparency Plan Expenses
My business model has always included full transparency of all plan-related expenses. A copy of the comprehensive fee disclosure form I use is available upon request.

Fiduciary Services
The ability to serve as ERISA 3(38) or 3(21) fiduciaries emphasizes our commitment to incorporating best practices and staying abreast of industry developments.

We serve as the fiduciary on tailored portfolios with a focus on low-cost investment options. To round out your plan, we assess your need for insurance and provide suitable options.

Comprehensive Vendor Analysis
As an independent financial services firm, we are unbiased in our review of potential plan providers. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to tailor provider services to meet the specific needs of each plan sponsor.

“Reasonableness” of Expenses
I contract with an outside vendor to provide annual comparisons of plan expenses to appropriate peer groups. The reports are comprehensive and include TPA fees, record keeper fees, advisor fees, money manager fees, investment manager fees, and calculate total plan cost.

We provide employees with materials that help them to understand the investment options available through their 401K or pension plan and to choose the best for their situation.

We review your goals and analyze your portfolio offering advice on your personal investment strategy. We provide objective advice across a wide range of investment options.